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EXCLUSIVE: Neeraj Tiwari unveils slate of three dynamic films, including Adil Hussain starrer Postman

Producer Neeraj Tiwari is set to back three exciting projects, showcasing a diverse range of narratives and talent. Among these projects is the Hindi remake of the Kannada film ACT 1978, directed by the award-winning director Mansore. Additionally, Tiwari is producing the thriller drama titled Lopamudra, to be helmed by Mansore, and Postman, starring Adil Hussain, which is currently in post-production
The Hindi remake of ACT 1978 and Lopamudra are slated to begin production this year, while Postman is set for release later this year. ACT 1978 tells the story of a pregnant woman who, amidst the injustices perpetuated by the bureaucratic system, courageously forges her own path to condemn them. Tiwari explained, “We are currently seeking a talented actress who can authentically convey the intensity of our narrative, as it carries a powerful message for society.” This remake aims to resonate deeply with the audience, highlighting systemic issues through a personal lens.
Meanwhile, Lopamudra is a fantasy thriller directed by the National Award-winning director Mansore. The film is expected to push the boundaries of the genre with its imaginative storyline and gripping direction. Tiwari shared, “This year, we have three films lined up for production, altogether with a budget of around Rs. 50 crores, and Lopamudra promises to be a standout with its unique premise and high production values.”
Postman, starring Adil Hussain, depicts the tale of a dedicated postman fighting to save his heritage post office from closure in a small village. He wages war against modern technology, disconnecting the internet to preserve traditional values. His actions spark a nationwide controversy, ultimately leading to an embrace of the balance between tradition and technology. This film, currently in post-production, promises to deliver a poignant and timely narrative.

Providing further insights into the audience’s expectations, Tiwari added, “Audience members can anticipate a gripping and suspenseful journey, intertwined with a profound and thought-provoking message that strikes a chord on a personal level.”

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