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Shreyas Talpade delays action and intense drama roles post Heart Attack recovery

Shreyas Talpade, the actor who underwent an angioplasty following a heart attack last year, intends to avoid accepting jobs involving action and strong drama until he has fully recovered. After collapsing at home on December 14, 2023, the ‘Om Shanti Om’ actress was hospitalized in Mumbai for a week before being released.

Talpade stated that he is presently going cautiously, awaiting the release of his forthcoming film Kartam Bhugtam. “There are certain limitations right now because my recovery is still in progress. My doctors have said ‘Another six months and you should be as good as new’. So, I will wait. But till that time, there are some films that I am working on which probably do not have those kind of action sequences or high-intensity drama sequences which I might not be able to do immediately,” Talpade shared with PTI during an interview.

Shreyas Talpade previously described his heart attack, implying that it might be related to the Covid-19 vaccination. In an interview with Lehren Retro, he claimed that despite taking care of his health, he still had heart attacks. He stated that he cannot rule out the likelihood of vaccine-related health concerns. Shreyas stated that he does not smoke and very sometimes drinks alcohol.

“I don’t smoke. I’m not really a regular drinker, I drink perhaps once a month. No tobacco, yes, my cholesterol was a little high, which I was told is normal these days. I was taking medication for that, and it had come down reasonably. So, if all the factors–no diabetes, no blood pressure, nothing, then what could be the reason?” he said.

He said that despite taking good care of his health, if such a health scare occurred, there must be some other reason. Shreyas continued, “I would not negate the theory. It was only after the Covid-19 vaccination is when I started experiencing some fatigue and tiredness. There has to be some amount of truth, and we cannot negate the theory. Maybe it is Covid or the vaccine, but there is something associated post that…It is very unfortunate because we genuinely don’t know what we have taken inside our bodies. We went with the flow and trusted the companies. I never heard of such incidents before Covid-19.”



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