The parents and people at the station waited with little hope as the four coaches passed over the baby. Courtesy: FILE

In a phenomenal escape, a one-year-old child remained unharmed after a train passed over her when she fell from her mother’s arms on the railway tracks on Tuesday.

The episode happened on platform number one of Mathura junction when the girl’s parents tried to deboard a train, according to Times of India.

The chilling incident was caught on camera. The parents, as well as people at the station, waited with little hope as the four coaches of the train passed over the baby, with the wheels of the train barely an inch away from her.

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Sonu, the father of the girl named Sahiba, said, “We were getting down from the train when it started moving. My wife, who was holding Sahiba in her arms, was pushed by someone as the train was very crowded, causing our daughter to fall on the tracks.”

Asif Khan, one of the bystanders, said, “I was waiting for a train to Nagpur when I saw the baby fell. No one expected her to survive. When she was picked up from the tracks, we saw that she had not suffered any injuries. There was a sense of jubilation among people at the platform, everyone wanted to touch and bless the girl.”

According to a police officer, It was a miracle that the baby survived without any injury.