Toronto shooting: Victims ‘spread across many blocks’

A police officer escorts a civilian away from the scene of a shooting, Sunday, July 22, 2018, in Toronto. Picture: AP. Courtesy: Herald Sun

The moment a gunman opened fire in the city of Toronto, shooting at least nine victims, has been caught on video.

The footage shot from a second storey balcony shows a man, dressed from head to toe in black, walking quickly down the Danforth Avenue footpath. He then pulls a pistol as he turned towards a shop front.

Witnesses say he continued firing as he moved on, with victims seen scattered across a wide area.

Local reporter Jeremy Chohn has tweeted saying the shooting began outside a restaurant near Logan Avenue in Greektown, Toronto.

“Victims are spread across many blocks,” he wrote.

Witnesses say they heard more than a dozen shots ring out in what is a busy restaurant strip about 10pm local time (12.30pm AEST). Footage from the scene shows a man walking along the footpath before pulling a pistol and firing through a restaurant window.

Toronto’s Police Chief has confirmed the gunman is dead, and there there are other fatalities.

No further details have yet been provided.

Paramedics have told local media that the crime scene encompasses a large area and a number of the 10 victims so far retrieved from the scene have suffered “significant injuries”.

Toronto police have confirmed one of the gunshot victims is a young girl.

Witnesses have told local media a man dressed in black was seen in the street, firing a gun between 15 and 20 times.

Witnesses are being taken from the scene by bus to be interviewed at nearby police stations.

The scene of the attack is about 14.5km from Yonge Street, where a motorist went on a ramming rampage on April 23, which left 10 people dead and another 15 people injured.

Alek Minassian, 25, will face multiple murder and attempted murder charges in relation to that attack when he reappears in court on September 14.