A SpiceJet technician died today while carrying out maintenance work on aircraft. Courtesy: Representational

A SpiceJet technician died today in a freak accident while carrying out regular maintenance work on an aircraft at Kolkata airport, officials said.

Officials at the airport described the incident as a “freak accident”. The technician got trapped in the landing gear door of the aircraft while carrying out maintenance work. Details of how it happened is being examined and an investigation is being carried out.

The landing gear door of an aircraft is a mechanism which is supposed to cover the landing gear during a flight. It comprises of three parts – a hydraulic opening system, a gravitational opening system, and a hydraulic closing system.

The aim of the landing gear door is to guarantee both protection of the landing gear, while also maintaining the aerodynamic shape of the aircraft. These doors are located below the aircraft and ensure that the minimum area opens while the landing gear extends out for the aircraft to land safely.

How the SpiceJet technician got stuck in the landing gear door is not clear yet.

SpiceJet is yet to release a statement on the accident. More details awaited.

Source: https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/spicejet-technician-dies-in-freak-accident-at-kolkata-airport-during-maintenance-work-in-plane-say-o-2067022