Piku was helmed by Shoojit Sircar.Courtesy: Indianexpress

There are many things which today’s youth will find relatable about the 2015 Shoojit Sircar directorial Piku. Taking care of your parents while managing your home and workspace, and trying to make time for dates and yourself are a few of the things the Deepika Padukone, Amitabh Bachchan and Irrfan Khan starrer brings to the forefront in hilarious, delicious ways.

One of the sequences from Piku that best captures the aforementioned sentiment is when Irrfan, after driving Piku and her father for a while, has had enough of Amitabh’s complaints. “Tum sochta hai hum tumhare upar burden hai…” (You think I am a burden on you), begins Bachchan’s character. But soon he is cut short by Irrfan’s character Rana who defends Piku despite being a stranger. “Burden hote toh woh Kalkatta nai leki jaati aapko (Had you been such a burden, she would not be taking you to Kolkata),” he says. Piku is shocked at Rana’s tone and is somewhat grateful for his actions. At least that is what her quiet demeanour and somber expression suggests.

Amitabh’s Bhaskor is also taken aback by Rana’s sudden outburst. “Emotional blackmail karke pata nahi parents ko kya sukh milta hai (Don’t know what kind of joy do parents derive from emotionally blackmailing their children),” a visibly upset Rana says. It is interesting to note here that Rana is not just speaking out of the warmth and affection he has started to develop for Piku, but in her frustration and quiet pain, he sees himself. Though the movie only shows us a few glimpses, it is clear that Rana doesn’t exactly share a great rapport with his mother or sister.

The sequence comes to an end with the passengers in the car reaching their own conclusions to the argument. While Bhaskor (Bachchan) is still somewhat offended by a stranger’s ‘intrusion’, Rana (Irrfan) seems satisfied to have gotten it out of his system, whereas Deepika’s Piku looks a little disturbed by the turn of events.