Gold Coast council to mine Facebook data of Games visitors

Commonwealth Games users who don’t log into the free Wi-Fi via their Facebook accounts will face slower internet speeds. Photo: Glenn Hunt. Courtesy: Brisbane Times

The Gold Coast City Council plans to mine the Facebook data of Commonwealth Games visitors, but says use of the information will be limited. 

The council is offering free, high-speed Wi-Fi to Games visitors, but users will be asked to log on through their Facebook accounts. 

The council plans to exploit that data to help with future tourism marketing campaigns.

“We will be able to monitor the people, where they come from, that is, the percentage of tourists coming from China, Japan, Southeast Asia and locals,” Mayor Tom Tate has told ABC Radio Brisbane.

The council says personal data won’t be shared with other agencies, but reports based on the data will be given to the tourism sector.

Games visitors who don’t like the idea can still access free Wi-Fi without using their Facebook accounts, but users who log on with only a username and email address will get slower access, and lower data limits.