Barnaby Joyce says baby questions are 'nobody's business'

Nationals backbencher Barnaby Joyce in Tamworth on Monday. Photo: Northern Daily Leader Courtesy: Brisbane Times

A day after telling the world he’s not sure if his partner is carrying his baby, Barnaby Joyce says personal questions are “nobody else’s business”.

Mr Joyce told Fairfax Media on the weekend there is a “grey area” over the paternity of his partner Vikki Campion’s baby, but he will care for it regardless. 

On Monday the former deputy prime minister told reporters in Tamworth it was “nobody else’s business”. 

“Anything that’s personal in nature is nobody else’s business but mine and Vikki’s, nobody else’s business. So we’re not here to be part of some ongoing litany of discussions about this,” Mr Joyce said.


On Sunday Mr Joyce said he had “no choice” but to confront the rumours about the paternity of his partner’s unborn baby head-on, lashing out at the media for continuing to pursue him despite his resignation as deputy prime minister.

Mr Joyce said he was contacted by multiple media organisations last week asking whether Vikki Campion’s boy – due to be born next month – was actually his, prompting his extraordinary interview with Fairfax Media on Saturday.

Mr Joyce announced his resignation as Nationals leader and deputy prime minister in late February after weeks of fallout over his affair with his former staffer.

He resigned the day after it was reported that a sexual harassment complaint had been made against him to the Nationals. 

Returning Nationals minister Keith Pitt, who was sworn back in to the frontbench on Monday, conceded it had been a messy start to the year but said his constituents weren’t interested in the gossip and rumours.

“I don’t work on the set of Days of Our Lives. This a serious building where serious decisions are made and we continue to be focused on that,” he told Sky News.

Former prime minister Tony Abbott told Sydney radio station 2GB on Monday morning Mr Joyce had had a “pretty messy time of it” and “the less said the better”.

“We should all just just get on with living,” Mr Abbott said.