Arya Mahasamellan Brisbane 2018 is scheduled from November 30th till December 2nd. I welcome you all to participate in this event. There is no entry fee, and all the meals will be provided. The program starts at 7.45am with Havan and breakfast /morning tea is served at 8.30am.

The program continues till 7pm on Friday and Saturday and finishes at 3.30pm on Sunday. Lunch and dinner are provided all days. The event will be held at Queensland Vedic Cultural Centre -198 Learoyd Rd , Willawong. The Vedic scholars are attending from India and USA, the program also includes local/interstate presenters. Both Hindi and English language will be used in presentations/speeches.

The Arya Mahasamellan Brisbane is a signature event and has been highly anticipated event for members of Arya Pratinidhi Sabha of Queensland. The international Arya Mahasamellan held in Sydney in 2015 initiated the continuity of Arya Mahasamellan’s in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. We attended the Arya Mahasamellan in New Zealand in 2016 and it was very well organised by all the New Zealand Samaj’s.

In 2017 the Arya Mahasamellan was supposed to be held in Fiji, but due to unseen circumstances Fiji could not host it so Arya Pratinidhi Sabha of Australia undertook the event and was another success. It was announced during the International Arya Mahasamellan that New Zealand will host in 2016, Fiji in 2017 and Brisbane, Australia in 2018.

The theme for this year’s Arya Mahasamellan is “Vedas for Peace and Empowering humans in daily lives”. The Vedas is manual for mankind and people who read and recite it are the ones who achieve the righteous path in their lives. In today’s world there is so much stress, sicknesses, unpredictable weather and chaos.

The problems stated can be easily resolved if people adhere to Vedas and its teaching’s. During the Ved Prachaar Acharya Prabha Mitra ji made a very commendable comment about Vedas, he said that we humans’ study at university to learn how to earn money, but we do not know how to live the life. In the Vedas life management has been stated and it tells us how long you need to earn; how much time you have to give to your family and then how much time you have to give to your community. The theme is befitting to the life management in Vedas and I am sure if we make a start from today, we will be able enlighten ourselves and attain Moksha.

The Arya Mahasamellan is such an event which brings all together, where we all share the true knowledge. The deliberations at the Arya Mahasamellan paves the way for our youths, our future, to meet each other and attain common goals in life.

The life management is a crucial tool for one’s success, not only materialistically, but spiritually as well. The Arya Mahasamellan’s has been a worldwide event, where participants meet and share the fellowship, and learn righteous path stated by Swami Dayanand Sarawati.

I once again wholeheartedly invite you all to a rewarding Arya Mahasamellan Brisbane 2018.